2016-2017 News

  • BOE Honors Student For Excellence in Classroom, Activities

    “I simply need to say thank you to not only Ms. Bonavita but to the teachers at both Springs Studio and at PPEC,” said Alexandra Stoller, 17, twelfth-grader at Pikes Peak Early College . “Even as I’ve become more college than high school, I still have teachers asking, ‘How are you doing?’ or, ‘Is there anything I can help with?’ and there is nothing better than that.”

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  • PPEC Students Explore Cybersecurity Concerns, Careers

    John Vennard hosts cybersecurity-related exercises Dec. 14 at Pikes Peak Early College in District 49. Vennard was set to graduate in two days from the 20-week accelerated cybersecurity program at SecureSet Academy.

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  • Student Produced Story: PPEC Student Encourages Expression Through Art

    “My favorite part is being able to express myself and show everyone what I can do,” said Kaine Greathouse, Pikes Peak Early College tenth-grader.

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  • Pikes Peak Early College Students 'Eggxamine' The Laws of Physics

    Pikes Peak Early College science students participate in ‘eggstreme parachuting’ experiments Sept. 30.

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  • District 49 Leads Regional Learning Efforts During Summer Break

    “We’re learning new ways that we can engage students in the classroom with updated activities that use technology to get students excited about learning,” said Patty Gioscia, Skyview Middle School assistant principal, at the Colorado Springs GAFE Summit July 20.

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  • Summer Meals Available At No Cost To Children

    Beginning Monday, June 5, free meals are available at Evans International Elementary School. The breakfast and lunch services are part of the USDA summer food service program. Breakfast and lunch are provided to all children in District 49, ages 1-18, for free.

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  • School Meal Accounts Must Have Funds in May

    Starting May 1, student accounts must be funded to purchase meals. No students will be allowed to charge additional debt to their meal account. While District 49 often affords flexibility for young children in its elementary schools, each school year must end with all accounts current.

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