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  • Principals to Parents

    First and foremost, I want to thank every single person who joined us at Literacy Night! We had far more families attend than we expected! We are so grateful to our community for joining us for such a special evening of literacy instruction and fun with Humphrey! Speaking of Humphrey, our students, staff and families really enjoyed our “All Remington Reads!” All loved the selected text, “The World According to Humphrey,” by Betty G. Birney. Activities included a play starring our administrative team (Ms. Padilla makes the cutest hamster ever!), a Literacy Night, many guest readers from our district office and community, many literacy activities, contests and a real life hamster named Humphrey! We have now opened Choice Enrollment for next school year. Please turn in your completed Choice form to our front office as soon as possible. Also, please help us to spread the word about our wonderful school and all the learning opportunities we offer our learners before, during after school. I hope you have a wonderful February! Thank you for your endless support of our students and staff!

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  • Kindergarten Feb. 2017

    It is always so exciting to come back second semester and see the amazing growth with our students! They are really taking off with reading and spelling words that have clusters (dr, bl) as well as digraphs (ch, sh, th)! The students are able to read decodable stories independently and write phrases/sentences. In math, we are continuing to master our addition and subtraction facts by discovering all of the ways to make different numbers (1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5 all equal 10). For science we are currently studying the seasons and weather. We will follow this unit by switching to social studies to learn about Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims. As always, we appreciate you working with your child on all of these skills at home too! We look forward to seeing you at conferences!

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  • First Grade, Feb. 2017

    Academics for this month: CKLA Literacy Skills: Students will continue to focus on reading fluency and continuing to answer comprehension questions in complete sentences both orally and written. They will continue to work on plural nouns, segmenting and blending two-syllable words, and review the sister sounds for /b/ and /p/. Look for new spelling words weekly. Please continue to practice the Dolch sight words for PP,P, and 1 list. We progress monitor weekly. Domain Listening and Learning: Our class will be introduced to the solar system - our home in space. They will learn that Earth, the planet on which we live, is just one of many different celestial bodies within our solar system. They will learn how the sun, the stars, the moon, and the other planets relate to the earth. They will learn that they sun is a giant star as well as a source of light, heat, and energy for the earth. They will also learn about the earth's orbit around the sun, and how the earth's own rotation on its axis leads to the phenomenon of day and night. They will learn about the history of space exploration and the missions to the moon. They will also learn about NASA, the Space Race, the Apollo missions, and what it takes to be an astronaut. Math Module 4: Students will work on place value, comparing quantities, addition and subtraction to 40. Please continue to practice math facts for addition and subtraction at home every day. We continue to progress monitor this area two times a week. Writing: Our classes are continuing to work on writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and writing within the line. They are also continuing to learn about writing conventions.

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  • Second Grade, Feb. 2017

    We are moving on to Westward Expansion in 2nd grade Reading and Social Studies! The students will discover how America expanded into the Wild West. The students are working on adding and subtracting numbers up to 1,000, as well as beginning the basics of multiplication and division through making equal groups and using arrays. Please make sure your child is reading each night, as well as practicing addition and subtraction facts to continue building their skills in these areas!

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  • Third Grade, Feb. 2017

    It's February and love is in the air as we begin to explore the culture and history of Ancient Rome. We will be having a Roman Day on February 3rd, information forthcoming. In math, we look forward to learning about fractions and we will be continuing our Forces and Interactions Unit in Science (yes, this is when we build robots)! On February 6th the third grade students will be embarking on a field trip to the Space Foundation where we will be touring the museum, and discovering our solar system hands-on (permissions slips and money due January 27th). It’s an exciting month to be a third grader at Remington Elementary!

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  • Fourth Grade, Feb. 2017

    Fourth grade is continuing on our Eureka: Student Inventors unit in English language arts. We've seen some good collaboration and research while students work in teams to accomplish challenges throughout the unit. The focus continues to be on team work, cooperation, imagination and it's centered around a game show theme with some very famous inventors as hosts. Geology will be our focus in the next CKLA unit and will help review and introduce some concepts from science and social studies. In math, students are continuing to focus on fractions. Mr. Rockwell's class is finishing their space unit in science while Mrs. Onkle's classes are finishing fossils. And in social studies, the study of westward expansion continues.

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  • Fifth Grade, Feb. 2017

    Fifth graders continue their role as 'historians' as they investigate the causes of the Salem Witch hysteria. Look for well organized, detailed research papers that explain the possible causes of these historical events. On a lighter note, students will be reading the classical novel, The Adventures of Don Quixote written in the early 1600s (abridged version). In math, students will continue their work on fractions, building on their knowledge by utilizing fractions in word problems and multi-step application. A different kind of exploration is taking place in science as 5th graders learn about the different body systems and how these systems work together to keep us ALIVE and thriving.

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  • Art, Feb. 2017

    IMPORTANT DATES: Sand Creek Zone Art and Design Expo: Feb 9th 6-8pm at Sand Creek High School! Featuring art from all Sand Creek Zone Schools! Art Booths! Art auction from students! Music from student orchestsra! Food! Silent Auction with gift certificates from the following local businesses: Tuscano’s; Chili’s; Old Chicago’s; Rudy’s Little Hideaway Restaurant; Autozone; Home Depot; Three Margarita’s; Rockbottom Brewery; Texas Roadhouse; Bubba’s 33; Hu Hot; Painting with a Twist; Michael’s; Hobby Lobby Just to name a few! All District 49 families and students are encouraged to attend! Art Club, grades 1-5 began last week: 1st and 2nd grade art club is creating a painting from The Rainbow Fish on canvas, and will create Mardi Gras masks for Carnival, Feb 28th. 3rd grade art club: Tye-dye t-shirts and Georgia O’Keeffe paintings on canvas Fourth and Fifth grade art club: Tye-dye t-shirts and Paper mache’ giant initial letters! Remington Art Projects are coming along so beautifully. Kinder is working on self-portraits as kings and queens for the CKLA unit: Kings and Queens! Kinder answered the question, “What would I do if I were King or Queen?” These will be multi-media and each will have a crown with jewels fit for royalty! First graders are beginning a pottery unit where they are learning about where clay comes from, and how a pot is made from beginning to end. Each student will create a flower bowl which will be glazed and glaze fired! Second grade is starting the art of Van Gogh and will be creating a collaborative mural in the style of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. They will create Henri Matisse-style paper mache’ bowls after their murals. Third grade is finishing up their life-size Nutcrackers, and we will be creating paper mache “Facebooks”, with a three-dimensional self-portrait that will be made into a sketchbook! Fourth grade is completing their Middle Ages CKLA unit as we put the finishing touches on their stained glass windows. These are a

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