VRHS Counseling Announcements

Counseling Services

District 49's school counselors are here to support students and families throughout the educational process. Counselors are an integral part of academic achievement through addressing the student as a whole person with various supports in all areas. Anonymous culture surveys provided to all middle and high school students to gather data about how students feel about their school environment. 
Chad Cosner
Department Chair
Office: 719.494.8816
Elisabeth Fisk
Dean of Concurrent Enrollment
Office: 719.494.8823
Nichole Minot
Counselor for Seniors
Office: 719.494.8810
Julie Kutsner
Counselor for Juniors
Office: 719.494.2293
Sarah Temple
Advisor for Sophomores
Office: 719.494.8822
Hanna Hill
Counselor for Freshmen
Office: 719.494.8809
Ashlie Nice
Counseling Secretary
Office: 719.494.8817

VRHS Counseling Documents